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A beautiful aspect about families is that you always have a fun set of people you can always rely on whenever you feel like having a break from your busy schedule. To pack up your minivan with loved ones and go camping is definitely one of the most exciting and relaxing ways that families opt for as it allows us to get closer to nature which unfortunately has become a luxury for those in the metropolitan regions.

Camping is good fun and the most important thing needed for this is a comfortable camping tent. It needs to be one that will act as a home away from home and provide us with the same kind of comfort and protection that our own abide offers. If you have never been camping before, it is beneficial to do some homework as we need to prepare for whatever that Mother Nature throws our way. We all know that she has her mood swings and in case there is a storm or heat wave, it’s imperative that the camping tent housing your family does the job right. It’s also important to make sure that your tent does not bore a big hole in your wallet as one of the main reasons why camping is preferred by most holidaymakers is due to the fact that it is a cheap alternative to insanely expensive flights and hotels. Therefore, it’s better to go for a few renowned brands in the market that quite affordable and deliver exactly what they promise. And Coleman family tents is one such name that does the job right. As the popularity of camping rises all over, it definitely seems to stand out whenever the question of what is the best family tent arises. Coleman family tents come in a wide range of tents and accessories in different budget levels and sizes amongst other benefits.

Types of Coleman family tents


Irrespective of the size of your family, Coleman family tents has an extensive range of family tents that will cater to all your needs and budget. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration when one buys a tent for himself or his family and Coleman family tents has several products that caters to those needs. Out of their entire range, three COLEMAN models have bagged ‘tent of the year’ awards which make them the best out of the lot, namely the CORTES OCTAGON 8, COOK and the VESPUCCI. These models are like mini hybrids of your actual home with notable features such as the hinged door which lets you feel as if you are vacationing at home.

Coleman Octagon 98 – 2 Room Tent

The CORTES comes with space sufficient enough to house the entire family in comfort and ventilation that could be adjusted accordingly. It’s the ideal model to go for if you planning to camp during bad weather as it helps you stay dry and safe.

The VESPUCCI is one of those tents that are known for easy installation. Any camping beginner can get it done quite easily. This model is ideal for large families as it comes with a living room. Thanks to plastic, foldable furniture that is widely available in the market today, one can have their meals conveniently and comfortably inside a VESPUCCI.

The COOK is a tent that comes with the ability to remove a bedroom in order to expand the space within the tent if necessary. In the event of bad weather or additional visitors decide to join your camping party; you can always opt on COOK to accommodate everybody comfortably.

The CORTES PLUS, BERING, RALEIGH, GALILEO and DA GAMA are the other models manufactured by the Coleman family tents. They all offer great ventilation, easy setup methods, light weight and durability.

Pros and cons of Coleman family tents

Comfort is the number one feature to look for as we do not want to be cramped up in a tent that is too small for the family or suffer from lack of headspace or leg space. The tent needs to be fully equipped to brave storms and keep us warm, safe and dry. If the tent is susceptible to leaks, the camping trip you have been planning on for ages can easily turn into a nightmare; therefore the tent needs to be extremely stormproof. Some tents can tend to be short in height thus forcing tall vacationers to bend into half while entering. Some tents are shabbily manufactured and all it usually takes is a down pour to get the tent shaken up and wobbly. Therefore proper workmanship is very important when it comes to choosing tents. Coleman family tents are highly affordable and good value for the money spent as you can use it for many years to come. They are strong and can withstand storms, insect attacks and other nature – related inconveniences that are synonymous with outdoor camping trips. Setting up a coleman tent is a breeze that even a first timer can install it without any help. Coleman family tents come with a long list of benefits. If one was to point out a disadvantage, then it probably would be the fact that the carry bag of the tent is a bit small; therefore, packing the tent back can take some extra effort. It also a bit heavy but it’s justifiable as the tent is quite strong and made to fight back storms and heavy winds.

After extensive research on all Coleman family tents products, it is safe to conclude that the product is indeed trustworthy, reliable, affordable, easy to use, comfortable, safe and spacious for the resilient, courageous and adventurous camper of today. The tent will not let you down and you are bound to return back home with no regrets, zero dissatisfaction and a big smile on your face.